It’s easy. From your car, hand a can of food to someone while you wait for the traffic light to change.

I live in Austin, the live music capital of the world. Like most large cities, we are still working to solve homelessness, poverty and hunger. As a I drive around Austin, virtually every busy intersection has at least one person holding a sign asking for assistance. About a year ago I started carrying easy opening, pop-top cans of food and began handing them out. The simple act of offering food to someone has given purpose to my daily commute. Many of the people I encounter have pets, so I also carry dog food. My hope is that in 2018, you will start a new habit of handing food to the needy you see at intersections. My goal for 2018 is to persuade 500 drivers to join me in meeting one of life’s most basic needs.

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San Antonio

San Antonio has the same issues with hunger as any major city. Yesterday at a stoplight I handed a can of food to a young woman displaying a sign that said “hungry.” She said, “oh great – thanks.”


Stewart is a fixture in south Austin. Maybe in his 50’s, he’s paper thin, frail and uses a walker to support himself. His left leg appears permanently deformed and useless. He’s always got a big smile on display for drivers. So as I’m pulling into the Walmart parking lot I saw him. He was about … Continue reading Stewart

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